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California Department of Transportation

How to Use CEFS

You now have different options for saving your forms:

Flatten Form

The new forms have different ways of saving, one is a save operation that flattens the form into a PDF document in which changes to the document are no longer allowed. If you look at the LiveCycle Travel Advance Form on the CEFS site you will see that there is a Lock Data on Form button at the top, you can fill in the form and then click on the button to flatten the form and save the data. The drawback to this is that you can no longer change any of the data on the form. You can however, send this form to other users without having to worry that they might change information on the form.

Reader Extensions

This option is not available on all forms look for the notice at the top of the form that indicates it is an Enabled form.

What is Reader Extensions? Adobe Reader is the free software that Adobe gives out so people can read PDF files, but did you know that it has some hidden features as well. Reader Extensions taps into those features allowing users to Save filled forms, connect to data sources like PeopleSoft and Oracle, Allow users to add notes and Attachments to PDF documents, and enable Digital Signatures to truly reduce paper consumption in the office.

Users need to have Reader 9 or better installed on their computers in order to use the Reader Enabled forms. What version of Reader are you using?

web icon

Want to know how to fill out a form, we now have a link with some forms to it's web site so you can get instruction from the source.

User Guide Icon

If there is no web site we can also, include a Users Guide in several formats. To access click on the user guide icon to access the forms instructions.

New to the forms system? First thing to do is make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Click here to see What version of Reader are you using? If you don't have version 8 then you will need to contact your computer support person to install the Reader software. Once you have installed the software then you can visit the Users Guide Section where you can learn how this software works or find fixes for errors users run into. Still not working then contact us (See Contact Section) to get the answers you seek.

Last updated 12/17/2013