Caltrans E-Forms System <body stylesrc="CEFSinfo.html" background="images/back.gif" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <p align="center"><font size="5" face="Garamond"> <strong>Welcome to Records And Forms Management's</strong></font></p> <p align="left">&nbsp;</p> <p><font size="4" face="Garamond">The </font><font size="5" face="Garamond"><b>C</b>altrans <b>E</b>lectronic <b>F</b>orms <b>S</b>ystem (CEFS) is a menu driven intranet site which allows users to access the Caltrans and Department of General Services (DGS) standard forms, with a click of the mouse. CEFS allows users to view, fill, print and save data.</p> <p>Caltrans has developed the CEFS for the purpose of giving users access to latest automated organizational forms. This will help cut costs by reducing staff time in locating blank and or filled forms; paper usage and storage; and printing costs associated with paper forms. This system will also lock out unauthorized forms thus eliminating unnecessary virus&#146; and or subjecting the Department to needless litigation.</p> <p>For information on how to use the site, contact Records and Forms Managment, (916) 654-6410.</font></p> </body>